Our commercial team is at your disposal to accompany you during the entire process, from the first contact until the delivery of your product. What you trusted us with is our goal. We know that there is nothing better than being able to trust a supplier. Know us .

Steps recommended to make-up a new container:
  1. Contact us; personally count on us four your project.
  2. Feasibility; Feasibility, use our experience to take distinct advantages of the different benefits that aluminum containers present.
  3. Design. Does your order have a defined design?
  4. Format and content: Does your container have a format and quantity of defined content?
  5. Do you know the quantity of containers you want to order?
  6. Is it from a unique product or a family of products?

i. Does it have different formats?

ii. Does in have different contents?



  • Ex-Fabrication (Ex-works), passing for FOB (Free-on-board), CIF (Cost, Freight, InsuranceMore than 30 years of experience exporting to diverse destinations of America and the world.Being located in Arica, northern Chile allows us to deliver to the entire pacific coast without setbacks.A long commercial relationship with the Customs Brokers, Port Agents and diverse companies of transport (terrestrial, maritime and air), allows us to offer you much more than a container, it also permits us to deliver a complete service.
    We offer all purchase options, to be adjusted to each client. We work from: INCOTERMS), to DDP (Delivered Duty Paid)..

We also keep the client informed of their purchase order, the confirmation of this and the estimated delivery dates.