Our comercial team is at your disposition to accompany you during the entire process. Right from the first contact you have with us until the delivery of your product.

The customer can count on the color laboratory to find the best tones that they are looking for.

By way of extraction the aluminum slug is impacted with a forcé of more tan 400 tons. This energy force causes the aluminum to flow, so as to obtain a container of homogeny, with a superior quality and with the measurements necessary for each product that is fabricated.

This stage removes the lubrication in such a way that impurities in the container are removed. This is done in such a way that the container is absolutely clean. This requirement is indispensable for the optimal adherence of the interior varnish and exterior lacquerers.

In this process the containers entera n oven of 240 degrees Celsius, drying and polishing the varinsh.

In the Dry Offset Printer the Surface of the tube is printed with up to 6 colors or in trauma effects.Afterwards, over the recently applied inks an interior varnish is applied by means of rollers. This element protects the decorations from agents that are mechanically or chemically dangerous.

In a machine that possesses various cold conformation matrices, the shape of the neck and the shoulders of the container are proportioned according to the  approved plan of the client and the European FEA norm. This machine also defines the form of the bottom of the containers.

Certified control tet as carried out in this part, ISO 9001: 2008. All of our products pass through test so as to assure their performance, either technical or visual. Samples are taken of each production lot.

This is one of the first stages in the creation of a container. It is here that the client is accompanied in the design development that will be the final presentation on the container.

In this process the slugs receive a special lubricant that is indispensable for the following extraction process.

In this process curling removes the excess aluminum from the mouth of the container. If the container requieres it a machine carries out this superficial process using “brushes” that move in a circular motion.

By means of a spray system a double layer of varnish is applied, in such a ways as to isolate the aluminum from future products that will fill the container.

Here the applications is affected by means of rotating rollers that lacquer the exterior of the tube that permits for future impression with links.

In this stage the tubes entera n oven that is heated to between 170 and 190 degrees Celsius wich that permits for the drying and polishing of the decoration and the overprotecting varnish.

Packing is carried out in this part of process.

Necessary management procedures are carried out to deliver to the client the product in the location agreed upon, wheter it is Ex.factory, FOB, CIF, or in the most convenient manner that the client deems necessary.